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Robert Juniper

January 2011: Robert Juniper was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for services to the visual arts.

Robert Juniper was born in Merredin, Western Australia in 1929
1943-47 Commercial Art and Industrial Design, Beckenham School of Art, Kent, U.K.
1950 Worked in modelling shop of H.B. Brady and Co, Perth.
1950-52 Worked as graphic artist with J. Gibney and Sons, Perth.
1952-53 Attended lectures at East Sydney Technical College, informally.

Major Medium: Painting
Minor/Other Media: Sculpture, drawing, printmaking, stained glass, theatre design, jewellery

A West Australian, Robert Juniper studied commercial art and industrial design at Beckenham School of Art, England. He returned to WA in 1949 and taught art. Since 1974, Robert Juniper has devoted himself full-time to painting, sculpting and printmaking.

Recognised as an artist of poetic and spontaneous vision, Robert Juniper has established himself as one of Australia's leading painters. He is best known for his evocative depictions of the West Australian landscape. His main influences range from English painters of the early 1900s, Paul Klee, and Japanese work of the 19th century, through to his contemporary, Australian artist, Sam Fullbrook.

Robert Juniper has had numerous one-person exhibitions throughout Australia. His work can be found in all major Australian public collections. It has been represented in group shows of Australian contemporary art abroad - London, USA, New Zealand (1959 - 1967) and in Europe, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and New Caledonia (1979 - 1998). He has been the recipient of many awards and honours, including the Wynne Prize in 1976 and 1980, and the Mona McCaughey Prize in 1980. For his services to the arts in WA he was awarded a Western Australia Week Council's Citizen of the Year award, 1979, and an honorary doctorate by the University of Western Australia in 1984.

In 1998, along with eleven others, Robert Juniper was presented with a State Living Treasures Award by the Ministry for Culture and the Arts in Western Australia. He was commissioned as the Festival of Perth artist for 1999, the only artist to have been asked twice (the first time was in 1979 at the beginning of David Blenkinsop’s directorship). The Art Gallery of WA held a major survey exhibition of Robert Juniper work in 1999.


Greenhill Galleries

National Bank, Perth: mural.

State Government Insurance Office, Perth: mural.

Thomas More College, W.A.: mural.
Parmelia Hotel, Perth: copper frieze.

Australian Broadcasting Commission, Perth: mural.

Australia and N.Z. Bank, Fremantle: mural.

Town of Mosman Park, 8 panels for Council Chambers

17th Festival of Perth: poster.

27th Festival of Perth: posters and banners.
Friends of the Festival of Perth: tapestry for Parliament House, Perth.

Print Council of WA: Last Summer's Moth, etching, edition of 40.

Burswood Hotel, Perth: multi-panelled brass screen.

Distance Education Centre, Perth: 'Painting our land: Meeting Robert Juniper' (including “My Life as a Boy” by Robert Juniper) published 1985.

Playhouse Theatre, Perth: theatre design, A.B. Facey's A Fortunate Life (adaptation C. Gorman).

Holy Trinity Church, York, WA: three century stained glass windows.
Playhouse Theatre, Perth: theatre design, Randolph Stow's Midnite (adaptation R. Tulloch).

Playbox Theatre, Melbourne; and Playhouse Theatre, Perth: theatre design, Heather Nimmo's The Hope.
Holy Trinity Church, York, W.A.: east window and altar frontal.
Forrest Chase, City of Perth: three stained glass windows.
Australian Legal Group: Cranes, etching, edition of 65.

Guildford Grammar School Chapel, Perth: north windows (in collaboration with Cedar Prest).
West Australian Ballet Company, Perth: set design and screenprint: Night of the Full Moon, in collaboration with Jacquie Carrol and Carl Vine (one of three ballets Visions, commemorating the Bi-centennial year).

West Australian Theatre Co: theatre design and poster, Playhouse Theatre production of Jimmy Chi's Bran Nue Dae.

Joondalup Development Corporation: Lake Joondalup, screenprint, edition of 90.
Black Swan Theatre Company: theatre design and poster, Shakespeare's welfth Night, inaugural multicultural production, directed by Andrew Ross.

Commonwealth Law Courts, Perth: Federal Coat of Arms.
Commonwealth Law Courts, Perth: Forecourt Sculpture.
Bateman Catholic Church, Perth: Madonna and Child, Baptismal painting, and Crucifix.

Black Swan Theatre Company: theatre design , Randolph Stow's Tourmaline, PICA, directed by Andrew Ross (adaptation D. Oxenburgh and A. Ross).
Black Swan Theatre Company: theatre design, Beckett's Waiting for Godot, Hole in the Wall Theatre, directed by Lucien Savron.

Guildford Grammar School, image for 1996 Centenary poster.

Black Swan Theatre Company, set design (with Kim Saunders) for Randolph Stow’s Merry-go-round in the Sea, directed by Andrew Ross (adaptation D. Oxenburgh and A. Ross).

Perth College, stained glass design, new chapel window.
Festival of Perth Poster Design for 1999. 2001 Gold Corporation – painting.

Sculpture for Midland Redevelopment Authority “Juniper Park”.

Design of stained glass windows for the new Bunbury Cathedral


Greenhill Galleries

Perth Prize for Contemporary Art (St Xavier's Thorn and a Fetish 1954).

Perth Prize for Contemporary Art (Seeding 1957).

Perth Prize for Contemporary Art (Images of Kal 1959).
Rubinstein Travelling Scholarship (Images of Kal 1959).

Perth Prize for Contemporary Art (Yondi Lifts the Sky 1960).

Rubinstein Portrait Prize (second prize) (Portrait of Rose 1961).

McKeller Hall Prize, Commonwealth Games.

T.E. Wardle Invitation Prize.

Wynne Prize for Landscape Painting (Murchison Sand Plain 1975).

Western Australia Week Council's Citizen of the Year: Arts, Culture and Entertainment Award.

Wynne Prize for Landscape Painting (Flood Creek 1980).
Mona McCaughey Prize (Flood Creek 1980).

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Art Award (Les Baux 1983).

Honorary Doctorate (D. Litt.) from the University of Western Australia, Perth.

National Heritage Award, Contemporary Division (stained glass design, three Century windows, at Holy Trinity Church, York).

Kingfisher Prize (Lunchtime Game at the Johnno 1988).
State Living Treasures Award, Ministry for Culture and the Arts, WA.

Centenary Medal of Federation for Services to Australian landscape painting and Contemporary Arts

Presented with a medal from The Painters and Sculptors Association of Australia in recognition of his lifetime contribution to Australian Art as one of Australia’s leading artists.

January 2011: Robert Juniper was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for services to the visual arts.



1954-56 Perth College, part-time.
1956-64 Hale School, full-time.
1964-84 Guildford Grammar School, full-time and part-time.

Arts Admin

1957 Perth Group.



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Talk for Conference:  'Art Meets Architecture in the City', Urban Thresholds, Perth, 4th October 1989.

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Solander Gallery, Canberra, ACT
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Wagner Gallery, Paddington, NSW

Gomboc Gallery, Perth, WA

Gomboc Gallery, Perth, WA
Wagner Art Gallery, Paddington, NSW

Gomboc Gallery, Perth, WA

Gomboc Gallery, Perth, WA

Gallery 460, Gosford, NSW.
Solander Gallery, Canberra, ACT.

North and other points, Gomboc Gallery, Perth
With a sense of place, with Max Miller and Margaret Woodward, Framed Gallery, Darwin
Robert Juniper Retrospective, Art Gallery of WA

Images of the Kimberley, Solander Gallery, Canberra.
Recent Images, Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney.

Gomboc Gallery, Perth.
Monsoon Gallery, Broome.
Gallery 460, Gosford, NSW.

Australian Galleries, Melbourne.
Gomboc Gallery, Perth.
Solander Gallery, Canberra.
Gallery 460, Gosford, NSW.
1996 Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane.
Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney.

Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney.

Gomboc Gallery, Perth.

Exhibition and book launch: Robert Juniper by Philippa O'Brien (Craftsman House). Gomboc Gallery, Perth.
Gomboc Gallery, Perth.
Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane.
Solander Gallery, Canberra.

Drawings and Things, Gomboc Gallery, Perth.
Gallery 460, Gosford.
Australian Galleries, Melbourne.

Chapman Gallery, Canberra.
Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney.

Kimberley and Other Oz Images, Lister Gallery, Perth.

Images of Australia, Australian Galleries, Melbourne.
Artist in Focus: Robert Juniper, Education Project, Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane.

Exhibition and book launch: The Art of Robert Juniper, by Elwyn Lynn (Craftsman House). Lister Gallery, Perth.
Exhibition and book launch: The Art of Robert Juniper, by Elwyn Lynn (Craftsman House). Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney.

Recent Paintings, Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney.

Lister Gallery, Perth.
Family and Friends: Drawings, Fremantle Arts Centre.

Recent Work and Drawings from Asphodel, Barry Stern Galleries, Sydney.

Drawings from Asphodel, Fremantle Arts Centre.
Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Adelaide Festival of Arts. Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide.
Barry Stern Galleries, Sydney.
Robert Juniper Drawings

Festival of Perth Exhibition (catalogue foreword by John Olsen and essay by Salek Minc), Lister Gallery, Perth.

Etchings and Drawings, Miller Gallery, Perth.

West Australian Landscapes: Paintings and Graphics, Barry Stern Galleries, Sydney.
Illustrations for Mason Judy by Trevor Todd (Methuen). Undercroft Gallery, UWA.

Skinner Galleries, Perth.

Skinner Galleries, Perth.

Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With William Boissevain, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With Geoffrey Allen, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With Pat Jordanoff, Skinner Galleries, Perth.
With Sam Fullbrook, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With Ninette Dutton, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With Francis Gill, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With George Haynes, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

Skinner Galleries, Perth.
Nihonbashi Gallery, Tokyo.
With Pat Jordanoff, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With Brian McKay, Skinner Galleries, Perth.
Bonython Gallery, Adelaide.

With Tom Gleghorn, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With Brian McKay and Pat Jordanoff, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

Robert Juniper - A Painter from Western Australia, Museum of Modern Art and Design of Australia, Melbourne.
'Monthly Feature No. 27' Art Gallery of Western Australia

With Margaret Olley and Allin Braund, Skinner Galleries, Perth.
Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With Pat Jordanoff, Skinner Galleries, Perth.

With Pat Jordanoff and George Voudouris, Adult Education Rooms, Howard Street, Perth.

With Pat Jordanoff, Adult Education Rooms, Howard Street, Perth.


Public Collections

Art Gallery of Western Australia:
- Ever Upward: The Wild Horses 1996, oil and acrylic on Belgian linen, 180 x 180 cms, acquired 1996 (through Friends of AGWA).
- The Four Year Re-fit: Broome 1986-1995, oil and acrylic on canvas, 183 x 243 cms, acquired 1996.
- Crocodile and Water Nymphs at Willie Creek 1989, oil and acrylic on Belgian linen, 183 x 243 cms, acquired 1990
- Outcamp 1977, mixed media on canvas, 172.8 x 233.8 cms, acquired 1978.
- (untitled) landscape 1964, oil on canvas, 171.5 x 164.5 cms, acquired 1964.
- Dancers on a Wall 1962, oil on hard board, 71 x 107 cms, acquired 1962.
- Landscape Merredin 1962, oil on plywood, 76.5 x 100.5 cms, acquired 1962.
- Equinox 1958, oil on hardboard, 71.2 x 100.3 cms, acquired 1958.
- Still Life circa 1955, pencil drawing, 50.2 x 60.4 cm purchased 1955
- Portrait of Albert Tucker, circa 1970, drawing, 37.5 x 27.7 cm. gifted 1984
- Outcamp 1977, pencil and powdered graphite, 75.4 x 106 cms, acquired 1978
- System Six, pencil and wash drawing on paper on plywood, loaned 1984.
- Iron Thicket 1979, steel sculpture, acquired 1989.
- Coral and Fish 1977,etching, 13.6 x 16.4 cms image, acquired 1977.
- Black Shuck 1977, sugar lift aquatint, 13.5 x 20 cms image, acquired 1977.
- Rising Wind 1977, etching, 25.1 x 31.2 cms image, acquired 1977.
- Falling Rider 1978, (folio of 7): a) colour serigraph 81.5 x 63.5 cms/sheet, b) pencil and powdered graphite 76 x 57 cms/sheet, c) bromide, photographic and colour separations, gifted 1980.
- Rider 1979, (folio of eight), a) colour serigraph 81.7 x 64 cms/sheet, b) pencil and powdered graphite 76 x 57 cms/sheet, c) bromide, photographic and colour separations, gifted 1980
- Murchison Gorge 1981, etching and aquatint, 45.5 x 50.5 cms image, acquired 1981.
- Cranes 1987, colour etching, 35.5 x 54.9 cms image, gifted 1988.

Art Gallery of New South Wales:
- The River Dies in January (diptych) 1977, mixed media, 151.5 x 303.0 cms, acquired 1978.
- Glasshouse 1958, oil, 76.0 x 101.5 cms, acquired 1958.
- Image of Kal (The Golden Mile, Kalgoorlie) 1959, enamel and metal paint, 72.1 x 77.6 cms, acquired 1972 (donated by Patrick White).
- Rising Wind 1977, etching, 25 x 31 cms.
- The Afghan 1979, collograph, 37 x 50 cms
- The Afghan 1979, collograph, 37 x 50 cms.
- My Dog Mac 1979, collograph, 53 x 33 cms.
- Mandy Visits 1979, collograph, 57 x 45 cms.
- Man, Dog and Magpies 1979, collograph, 26 x 24 cms.
- Cranes 1987, colour etching, 35 x 54 cms.
- Landscape with Juniper 1991.

Australian National Gallery, Canberra:
- Greenmount Hill 1967, 168 x 176 cms oil and acrylic on canvas, acquired 1970.
- Cranes 1987, colour etching, 35 x 54 cms

Australiana Fund:
- Fishing Lesson: Roebuck Bay 1981, mixed media on canvas, 8' x 6'.

Brisbane City Council:
- Afternoon Walk 1988, mixed media on canvas, 9 x 5", acquired 1988.
- Down the Valley 1988, mixed media, 9 x 5", acquired 1988.
- Plant Form III 1988, steel sculpture, acquired 1988.

Bunbury Art Galleries:
- Coastal Landscape with Star Coral 1961, 84 x 131 cms

Fremantle Arts Centre:
- A Fortunate Life 1981, (cover illustration for A B Facey's book, Fremantle Arts Centre Press), mixed media, 3 x 4', acquired 1981.
- A Fortunate Life 1981, six pencil and graphite drawings, acquired 1981.

Geelong Art Gallery:
- Voyage of Venus Through the Infernal Regions, c1968, mixed media on canvas.

Library and Information Service of WA:
- Flight Over Lennonville 1984, mixed media on canvas, 183 x 183 cms

Mildura Arts Centre:
- The Hill Behind Me 1979 drawing

National Art Gallery of Victoria:
- Flyaway 1960, oil, paper, burin on hardboard, 97.5 x 106.4 cms, acquired 1981.
- (untitled) landscape 1963, oil on canvas,91.4 x 136.5 cms, acquired 1964.
- Cranes 1987, colour etching, 35 x 54 cms.

Northern Territory Museum of Arts and Sciences:
- Kiku 1966. oil on board, 18 x 13 cms, acquired 1986
- Ruins of "L" 1978, mixed media on canvas, 181 x 118 cms, acquired 1979.
- Cranes 41/65 1987, etching, acquired 1988.

Parliament House, Canberra:
- The Polesnare Man 1994, oil and acrylic on Belgian linen, 122 x 91 cms, acquired 1995.

Queensland Art Gallery:
- They Don't Stay Long 1982, mixed media on canvas, 6' x 8', acquired 1982.
- Three Kings Came c1962, oil on composition board, 80 x 58 cms (gift of Thomas Shapcott 1992).
- Cranes 1987, colour etching, 35 x 54 cms.

Woolongong City Gallery:
- Blue Garden 1975, oil, 40 x 30 cms.


Private Collections

Alcoa Art Collection:
- Ruins of Lennonville 1976, 168 x 120 cms, oil on canvas
- Nanine 1977, 23 x 30 cm
- Paynes Find 1977, 23 x 30 cm
- The Road from Magnet 1977, 23 x 30 cm
- Lake Austin 1977, 91 x 61 cms

BHP Art Collection:
- Burn Off 1970, mixed media on canvas, 176 x 183 cm,.
- Artefact at Amadeus 1984, mixed media on canvas, 183 x 246 cms.
- Sea Plant, sculpture cast on bronze (from Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, 2008).

Christensen Fund:
- Girl with Garland 1950, oil on board
- Birds and Leaves 1968, 78 x 179 cm, oil on board
- Sand Dune 1976 58.5 x 88.3 cm oil on board
- (untitled) 1979 22 x 30 cm, oil on board

Edith Cowan University:
- East Wind circa 1950 diptych (2x 176 x 184cm) oil on canvas
- Abstract Cottages 1960 280 x 230 cm oil on hardboard
- Erotic Landscape 1976 173 x 127 cm oil on canvas, acquired 1978
- River Valley 1974 53 x 43 cm, oil on canvas
- Tributary 1974 64 x 46 cm, oil on canvas
- Lennonville circa 1974
- Riders 1979, serigraph, acquired 1997

Curtin University of Technology:
- Blackwood River n.d. 90 x 120 cms, oil on board, purchased 1970
- Landscape 1974, 123 x 173 cms, oil on canvas, acquired 1975
- (untitled) 1979, 21 x 30 cms, oil on plywood
- Day Shift, screenprint 61 x 39 cms
- Plant Form II 1980, 500 x 307 x 409 cms, steel construction (commissioned work)

Guildford Grammar School:
- Water Hole at Great Fingal 1985, mixed media, 6 x 8 ft.
- Nostalgia, 1995, oil and acrylic on Belgian linen, acquired 1995 for Centenary Poster 1996.

The Robert Holmes a Court Collection:
- Flood Creek 1980, mixed media on canvas, 183 x 236. (winner of Wynne Prize, 1980).
- A Ring of Grass Trees 1978, oil and acrylic on canvas, 167 x 177 cms.
- Fire Spirits 1964, mixed media, 81.3 x 91.3 cm.
- Wagon Wheel Bird Creek 1979, pencil, 110 x 76 cm.
- Rider 1979,serigraph, 60.7 x 44.5 cms
- Fallen Rider 1979, serigraph, 58.4 x 42.5 cms
- Murchison River 1981, etching, 40 x 50 cm.
- Murchison Loop 1981, etching, 40 x 50 cm.
- Murchison Gorge 1981, etching, 40 x 50 cm.
- Cicada Song 1986, print.

Ind Coope Collection: UK
- Nanine 1966, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 74 cms.

Mertz Collection, Texas, USA:
- Landscape 1964, mixed media on canvas, 173 x 145 cm.
- Summer 1964-66, mixed media on canvas, 125 x 51 cm.

Murdoch University:
- Bird Form 1988, sculpture.

Reserve Bank, Sydney:
- Moorine Rock 1962, 106½ x 152 cms.

Royal Perth Hospital:
- Shell Searchers 1967, acrylic on board, 64.5 x 120.7 cms, Claude Hotchkin Art Gift 1967.
- Sara's Pool 1961, oil on canvas, 76 x 101 cms.
- The Pilgrim 1962, oil on board, 63.5 x 76.2 cms.
- Northern Landscape 1962, oil on canvas, 35.6 x 55.9 cms.
- Falling Rider 1978, colour serigraph, 57.5 x 42 cms.
- Joe's Camp 1979, oil on board, 52.2 x 60.5 cms.
- Boomer 1988, limited edition etching, 61.5 x 79 cms.

Bank of Western Australia:
- Horseman 1985, mixed media on canvas, 198.5 x 198.5 cm
- Hill Picture 1980, acrylic and charcoal, 198.5 x 155 cm.
- A Windy Day in the West 1985, mixed media on canvas, 183 x 183 cms.
- South of Hedland: Winter 1988, mixed media on Belgian linen, 122 x 152 cms.
- Landscape with Flowers 1971, oil, 92 x 127 cms.
- Thursday Hill 1983, oil and acrylic on canvas
- Murchison Loop 1981, etching, 70 x 92 cms
- Murchison Gorge 1981, etching, 70 x 92 cms.
- Murchison River 1981, etching, 70 x 92 cms
- The Night of the Full Moon 1989, screenprint, 80 x 106 cms.

State Bank of Victoria:
- Great Dune on the Greenough c.1976 mixed media.

Swan Brewery Art Collection:
- Mason Judy, collection of painting and drawings to illustrate the book Mason Judy.
- Pond and Stream 1977, pencil and graphite on paper, 100 x 70 cms
- After the Burn , oil on canvas, triptych, 3 x (122 x 122) cms
- Anean 1979, oil on board, 27 x 41 cms.
- Dragonfly, etching/aquatint.

University of Adelaide
- Untitled 1964

The University of Western Australia:
- (untitled) [The Founding of Australia] 1956, oil on hardboard, 325 x 189 cm.
- (untitled) 1974, 119.8 x 150.5 cm, oil on canvas, acquired 1974.
- Landscape with Exotic Tree 1979, mixed media on hardboard 75.5 x 172.8 cm, acquired 1979.
- Portrait of Rose 1967, oil on hardboard, 122.0 x 61.0 cm, acquired 1979. 5. Festival Poster 1979, 1978, 103.5 x 67.0 cm, oil on composition board, acquired 1978.
- Old Place 1974, oil on canvas mounted on hardboard, 61.0 x 86.5 cm,acquired 1975.
- St Xavier's Thorn and Fetish 1954, oil on composition board 55.0 x 75.0cm, acquired 1985.
- Small Saint with Star 1957, oil on hardboard, 76.4 x 31.1 cm, acquired 1978.
- (untitled) 1958, oil on hardboard, 60 x 52 cms. gifted by Anne Mendelson bequest 1988.
- Cactus 1963, Oil on composition board 53.5 x 33.4 cm acquired 1985.
- (untitled) 195?, oil on hardboard, 30.5 x 15.5 cms, gifted by Anne Mendelson bequest 1988.
- Plant Form 1976-77, welded steel sculpture, acquired 1977.
- Summer Day 1978, pencil, acquired 1978.
- Murchison River 1981, etching, 40 x 50 cm, acquired 1981.
- Murchison Gorge 1981, etching, 40 x 50 cm, acquired 1981.
- Murchison Loop 1981, etching, 40 x 50 cm, acquired 1981.

Wesfarmers Art Collection:
- Conversation 1986, mixed media on canvas, 6 x 8 ft.
- Still Life with Nasturtiums 1988, mixed media.


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Greenhill Galleries

Greenhill Galleries

SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, WA

Art Melbourne, Melbourne
SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

SKETCHED, Greenhill Galleries, WA
SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, WA

Greenhill Galleries Christmas Exhibition
SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, Perth
Sculpture by the Sea – Cottesloe, WA

Sculpture by the Sea – Cottesloe, WA
Twenty-fifty Anniversary exhibition, Gomboc Gallery, Perth, WA

Framed Gallery, Darwin, NT
Sculpture by the Sea – Bondi, NSW

Gomboc Gallery Selected exhibition, Perth, WA

Twentieth Annual Sculpture Survey Exhibition 03, Gomboc Gallery, Perth, WA

Twentieth Anniversary exhibition, Gomboc Gallery, Perth, WA

Acquisitions Exhibition, Mundaring Arts Centre, WA
26th Anniversary Exhibition, Solander Gallery, Canberra, ACT
Sir John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria
Salute the Horse, Durack Gallery, Broome, WA

Visy Board Art Prize, South Australia

Symbiosis: Chroma Archival exhibition, Utopia Gallery, Sydney and New England Regional Gallery, NSW through Tamarisque Fine Art.
Love and the Art of Performance, His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth.
School Collection Exhibition, Perth College, Perth.
Wynne Prize and Sulman Prize Exhibitions, Art Gallery of NSW.
Australian Masters, Solander Gallery, Canberra, ACT.
There was a presence, Mundaring Centenary Exhibition, Mundaring Arts Centre, Perth, WA.
Musicians and Musical Instruments, Gallery 460, Gosford, NSW.
Collectors Choice, Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW.
Kedumba Art Award Exhibition, Leura, NSW.
Shanghai Exhibition, Wagner Art Gallery, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Being, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Collection, Perth, WA.
Fleurieu Art Prizes Exhibition, Adelaide, SA.
6th Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Gomboc Gallery, Melbourne, VIC

Unearthed, Greenhill Galleries, Perth.
Wynne Prize Exhibition, Art Gallery of NSW, and touring regional NSW.
Collectors Choice, Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW.
25th Birthday Exhibition, Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide.
Swingtime: East Coast - West Coast, University of WA
Fifteenth Birthday exhibition, Gomboc Gallery, Perth

One Hundred Years of Australian Painting, Perth Galleries, Perth.
Collectors’ Choice, Wagner Art Gallery, Paddington, NSW.
SCECGS Redlands Westpac Art Prize, Sydney.
Eyes on the Ball, Waverley Gallery, Victoria, and touring nationally until October 1997.
Nude and Naked, Eva Breuer Art Dealer, Sydney.
1996 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, National Gallery of Victoria and touring nationally until 1999.
1996 Fifth Australian Contemporary Art Fair, through Gomboc Gallery, Royal Exhibiiton Building, Melbourne.
The Way We Were: 1940s - 1950s, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth.

Contemporary Australian Art, Gallery 460, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
One Hundred Years: Western Australian Sculpture 1895-1995, Art Gallery of WA.
Sculpture Survey 1995, Gomboc Gallery, Perth.
The Best of Australia, Stafford Studios, Hong Kong.
Harnessing the Horse, Fremantle Trotting Club, WA.
Tribute, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth.
Grands Maîtres de la Peinture Contemporaine Australienne, Noumea.
Mine Own Executioner, Mundaring Arts Centre, Perth.
Place and Perception: New Acquisitions, Parliament House, Canberra.
Woman: subject/object, Sir Chairles Gairdner Hospital Invitation Art Exhibition, Perth.
Landscape as Metaphor: Fin de Siècle Visions of Australia, Claremont School of Art, Perth.
The Stein Collection, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, University of WA.
Talking to the Trees, Moores Building and Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle.

From Bauhaus to Birdhouse, Perth Galleries.
Drawing on Inspiration, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Paddington, NSW.
The 1994 Touring 9 x 5 Exhibition, Arts Council of WA, Stables Gallery, Perth.
20th Anniversary Exhibition, Solander Gallery, Canberra.
Reflections, Kimberley Kreations Gallery, Broome, WA.
A Shinju Prevue, Durack Gallery, Broome, WA.
Two Generations of Juniper Artists, Monsoon Gallery, Broome, WA
Icons to Irony, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth.
Mary MacKillop: a tribute, The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney; touring to Art Gallery of SA, Adelaide and Parliament House, Canberra.
The 17th Annual Ladies Auxiliary Art Exhibition & Sale, Arthritis Foundation of WA, Shenton Park WA.
Group exhibition, Stafford Studios of Fine Art, Cottesloe WA.

Salon des Refusées, submissions for Wynne Prize and Archibald Prize, SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney.
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