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Born 1969; Colwyn Bay, North Wales

Stormie Mills started painting in 1984, when on a dark, wet night he ventured out into the streetscape to make his first mark on the world. This ‘night school’ fueled an almost consuming passion that Stormie has followed relentlessly, chasing a dream to have his voice heard through his art.

It’s a vision he never lost sight of despite the adversities that came his way, from the unwanted attention his early artistic endeavors created, to being dislocated from his family and homeless.

More than 25 years later, Stormie has carved a distinctive niche that’s seen him sited in a global context as a highly collectable contemporary artist, receiving international acclaim for his unique style of work and segue from the somewhat traditional forms of graffiti writing.

Stormie’s career as a visual artist has taken him around the world. He’s been invited to the prestigious Miami Art Basel three times, including the exhibition of a self-portrait piece. He’s produced large scale commissions and exhibitions in Barcelona, throughout Greece, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. In 2002, Stormie achieved international acclaim and exposure when he was invited to create murals across Greece in preparation for the Athens Olympics.

After presenting sell out solo exhibitions across Australia, in 2010 Stormie held solo shows in Sydney and Perth which continued his theme of examining the fragility of life. He was also invited to take part in a group show, On The Wall, in Melbourne, exhibiting his work alongside Banksy and the world’s leading street artists.

Motivated by the notion of isolation and loneliness, Stormie’s work depicts the human condition and the constant struggle to find personal identity within society’s confines.

Working predominately in a palette of silver (dreams), grey (concrete), black (dirt) and white (the removal of dirt), he creates evocative characters as an expression of emotion and observation.

As well as presenting work in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries, some works of art are more temporary and fleeting. In 2009, Stormie was among six leading artists who travelled to Scotland to transform an abandoned village.

Over four days the artists worked in miserable, cold and wet conditions to decorate the grey walls of the ghost village. A short film was made documenting the project and was screened to critical acclaim at the London Film Festival, ahead of the town’s looming demolition.

Away from canvases and blank walls, Stormie has also produced a limited edition toy which was retailed in Tokyo and New York and has since become a highly collectable piece.

In 2005 he traveled to London to participate in a show to launch the Thames and Hudson publication “Graffiti World”. During the visit, he was invited to be the guest speaker at the Museum of Contemporary Art, London.

Stormie’s work is a deeply personal expression of emotion. It’s captured in the layers of his paintings which have been created through his intense observations of the texture of life to engage and challenge the viewer to explore beyond the surface to find real beauty amidst the decay.

He has established a strong following for his work across a broad sector of the market, continuing to attract collectors for his unique statements on life.

Greenhill Galleries

"The Three Bears", Sayers Sister, Northbridge, Perth
Melbourne Underground, Aegis Media, South Melbourne
"The Workshop", Hand Made Vintage Kustoms, Perth

“Oh life & death the days there are no more” Burgermeister, Perth
“Rides of the imagination” Private Commission
“The five wounds of Christ” Burgermeister, Perth
“King Sully” Private collector

“Alas poor Yorick” Guildford Grammar School, Perth Perth Fashion Festival Bag The Sunday Times (STM), Perth
“Even a friends news can be quite upsetting” MAY’S Lane Project, Perth
“The Little Black Dress” S2/WA Aids Council, Perth Welling Court Mural Project [Exterior Mural], Queens New York US
Exterior mural Boubar, Perth
“The Conversation” Howard Lane, City of Perth, Perth “Boxer” Private Commission
“I’ll hold you, I’ll help you” Private Commission
“Stop! Don’t Blink” Buzz Dance Theatre [Set design], Perth
“My Family” Private Commission
City Centre Perth [Exterior mural], Perth
PICA Salon, Perth

Ghost Village Project, Polphaill Scotland
Northbridge Police Complex Building and Management Works, Perth
“The Family Tradition” Private Commission
“Things are good up here” Private Commission

Courthouse Courthouse Arts Centre, Geelong
“Boxer 2” Private Commission
RCCTS Perth Transit Authority, Rockingham
Hillman Footbridge Perth Transit Authority, Perth “Love/Hate Puppet” BambOO, Perth

The Monster Mash The Manor, Perth
Proximamente Private Commission
“You attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.” Royal Elastics, Manila Philippines
“Just a second, I think I have something scarier in here.” Private Commission
Characters [Woodcut], Nannup

“The Boatman” Private Commission
“The Gathering” Joondalup Festival [Art Director]

“Global Village” Joondalup Festival

“Rules for the Guidance” [Exterior mural], Fremantle “The boxing ring” Fazio’s Gym Northbridge, Perth “Aerial Display Systems” Joondalup Festival [Art Director]

Chromopolis Mural Tour for The Hellenic Cultural Olympiad, Greece
Rockingham Bus Station, Rockingham
City Centre Perth [Exterior mural] Sinclair Knight Merz, Perth
Hydroponics Kelmscott, Perth
“Aquatica” Joondalup Festival [Art Director]

Urban Eyez Set Design Central Tafe, Perth
“Shoppin” [Exterior mural] Clarkson, Coles/Myer LTD, Perth
“Sticky fingers” Gibbs Street Primary School, Perth “Lock Her Room” Interior Set Designer Lovely Day Films, Hollywood USA
McDonald Park Padbury [Exterior mural], Perth
Exterior mural, Joondalup
“Aerotomechanix” WA Fringe Festival Murray Street, Perth

“Leaving my Friends” Performing Arts Centre, Halls Head Nanika Park, Joondalup
Private Residence [Exterior mural] Shenton Park, Perth Osborne Park The Ministry of Justice, Perth

Interior mural Koondoola & Girrawheen Youth Workspace, Perth
Exterior mural West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Perth
Exterior mural Shenton Park Train Station
Transperth and City of Subiaco, Perth
Mural Christ Church Grammar School, Perth
Exterior mural Highview Park, Joondalup
“City Lights” Joondalup Festival [Art Director]

Mercedes West Point Star [Work on Canvas], Perth Exterior mural City of Joondalup & The Shire of Wanneroo, Perth
“Desire” [Interior mural, Aherns], Perth
Interior mural Evans’ Bike Time, Joondalup
Interior mural Aherns Karrinyup, Perth

Interior mural Hamersley Recreation Centre, City of Stirling, Perth
Exterior mural Council House, City of Perth

Exterior mural James St Northbridge The Department of Agriculture, Perth
Ice Sculptures Winter Fashion Launch, Aherns, Perth Exterior mural Burt Way, Perth
Exterior murals Series drama “SWEAT” Barron Films, Perth

Artist in Residence Bambara Primary School, Perth
Cycle Gallery Balcatta [Interior mural], Perth
Exterior mural City of South Perth
The Cars That Ate Paris The Festival of Perth

Triptych Canvas Rally Australia Youth Project Department for Community Development, Perth
Exterior mural City of Stirling, Perth
Exterior mural Northam Racing Club
Exterior mural Warwick Senior High School, Perth Interior mural Swan Districts Football Club, Perth Exterior mural Morley Senior High School, Perth Tomorrows Children [Concept and Art Direction] The Office of Multi-cultural Interests, Department of the Arts, Main Roads WA, Perth
Exterior mural Odyssey Comics & Cards Applecross, Perth

Exterior mural City of Wanneroo, Perth
Canvas Ministry of Sport & Recreation, Perth
Canvas National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham UK Exterior mural Armadale Aquatic Centre, Perth
Interior murals Floyds, Geraldton
Interior mural Christmas Cravings, Perth
Interior mural Hideaway Club, York UK
Interior mural Mr. Kipling, North Wales UK


Greenhill Galleries

Greenhill Galleries Greenhill Galleries Greenhill Galleries Greenhill Galleries Greenhill Galleries
Greenhill Galleries Greenhill Galleries Greenhill Galleries Greenhill Galleries Greenhill Galleries

Greenhill Galleries

Greenhill Galleries

"Dark Lights" Greenhill Galleries, Perth
"Peoples and Places", Metro Gallery, Melbourne

“Dirty Dozen” Friends of Leon, Sydney “Scuffling” Metro Gallery, Melbourne “Gathering” Linton and Kay Contemporary, Perth

“On The Wall” Metro Gallery, Melbourne
“In Celebration of Second Best” Richard Martin Art, Sydney
“100x150” Linton & Kay Contemporary, Perth

“Dicton” Helen Gory Galeries, Melbourne

“loss+endings = fish” Linton & Kay Contemporary, Perth
“Secrets and Objects” Richard Martin Art, Sydney

“Three” Linton & Kay Contemporary, Perth

“Self titled” Autopsy Gallery, Melbourne

“Stormie” JackSue Gallery, Perth



Greenhill Galleries

Greenhill Galleries

"WCA Show", Chung King Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
"Salon de Norte Societe", Primary Projects, Miami, Florida, USA

“Mini Tiny Small” Primary Projects, Miami USA
“Underbelly [Miami]” Opera Gallery [NYC], Miami USA
“For, Against & the Truth” Linton & Kay Contemporary [Curator], Perth “Selected Moments” Unit 44, Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

Guildford Grammar Annual Art Exhibition, Perth
Perth College Art Invitational, Perth Sandy Beach Sculpture Exhibition, Town of Bassendean, Perth

Primary Flight and Blue Print for Space, Art Basel, Miami USA
Guildford Grammar Annual Art Exhibition, Perth

Nancy Victor Xmas Show, Nancy Victor Gallery, London UK
Installation 5, Art Basel, Miami USA Art in Bloom, AGWA, Perth
“Burning Bridges” Summer Salon, Brick Lane Gallery, London UK

City of Perth Invitational Art Award, Perth
Guildford Grammar Annual Art Exhibition, Perth
“Australian Characters” Scion Installation [Curator], Los Angeles, USA “Evolving Styles” Cargo, London UK “Letters First” Bread & Butter, Barcelona Spain
“MSF07” Melbourne Stencil Festival J Studios, Melbourne
“Dream Girls” Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco USA
“Tempt One Art Benefit” Urb Gallery, Los Angeles USA

“Letters First – Tokyo” Space Edge, Tokyo Japan
“Letters First – Taipei” The Artists Space, Taipei Taiwan
“Stick It” Fold Gallery, Cumbria UK TOY2R DIY Qee Exhibition Adicolor Studios in conjunction with Adidas Dmop, Berlin Germany

“Letters First” RBK, Beverly Hills USA “The Commons” Basefield Projects Chapel on Chapel Gallery, Melbourne “Project XI” Thomas Neale Centre, London UK

“The Looking Glass” Thomas Neale Centre, London UK
“Application” Perth Institute of Contemporary Art [Curator], Perth Graffiti World AKA, London UK

“Nickel” Hudson Gallery, Perth

City of Perth Invitational Art Award [Commendation Award Winner], Perth “Third” Exposure Gallery, London UK

“Downsize” Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth
City of Perth Invitational Art Award, Perth
“Tactical Intervention Strategies” Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth
“Pictoplasma” Pictoplasma Gallery, Berlin Germany
“Aerotomechanix” WA Fringe Festival & JackSue Gallery, Perth

“Works on Paper” WA Fringe Festival, Perth

City of Perth Invitational Art Award “Street Speak” Span Gallery, Melbourne

“Metamorphisis” The BluePrint Gallery, Birmingham UK

“Prolific Inscriptions” The Moores Building [Curator], Fremantle

“Urban Philosophy” Art Heritage, Jolimont
“Beyond the Wall” Museum of Western Australia, Perth

City of Gosnells Art Award [Urban Art Award Winner]
“Mad Capped Art” The Maltings Gallery, Northbridge

“Pressure Paint” The Blueprint Gallery, Birmingham UK
“Transcripts from the Asylum” Colwyn Bay Library, Colwen Bay North Wales UK

“Air Powered” The Moores Building, Fremantle
“Pump up the Can” Victorian Association of Youth in Communities, National Touring Exhibition
“Mural 90” Northern Arts, Carisle UK